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If you are a Tetris game fan, you must have played Brick Classic, Block Puzzle, Wood Block puzzle, wordy, goody and Block Crush. Well, here we have revolutionized the classic Tetris games and have brought to you the best block puzzle free game. Robo Block Puzzle Switch! So, are you excited to get your hands on the best robot block puzzle game? If yes, then we promise to blow your mind away! Indulge yourself in this crazy block game where you will have to complete the block puzzle, fix the shape and make sure the shape fits in the Tetris block. We have brought a Tetris-like Robo Block puzzle 2020 free game for you! Now enjoy both Tetris original and Block games in one!
The good news is that it is an absolutely free block puzzle game! It doesn’t just end here! With its 3D color blocks, 3D shape shift, fit shapes, shape shift, Shape Fixer provides an extreme brain exercise to sharpen your reflexes, improve focus and have fabfitfun.
It’s a fun puzzle game for sure! So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD the evolutionary x tetris block puzzle, the best of the best block puzzle games you will come across. Fit in the hole.
Learn more about the thrilling features of the free robot block brick game below
Thrilling Features:
➔ The Robo Block Puzzle Switch brings a mixture of Robux Tetris and block puzzle games
➔ Fit shapes in 3D glowing blocks, shape shift 3d.
➔ Jump shape shift, jump shape change, shape shot.
➔ You can restart, pause, continue and control sound settings
➔ Shape Fixer, fortunately, brings two gaming modes; an infinite block puzzle mode (endless mode) and Level Mode
➔ In the level mode, with the gradual increase of each level, the difficulty increases which makes it more fun!
➔ Automatic saving has been enabled. Block it switch.
➔ In the level mode, you can replay the unlocked levels whenever you want
➔ It is absolutely a free block puzzle tectrix game
➔ The smooth soothing background music typically makes the game more interesting and fascinating
➔ The shape shifting has been enabled in the game, and you can also jump and shift the shapes
➔ Enjoy infinite block puzzle.
➔ The game has a built-in achievement and leaderboard
➔ The vibrant neon block animations and impressive graphics will automatically develop your focus
How to Play:
★ The Tetris blocks can be easily rotated and shifted on the wall
★ You can also jump and shift the 3D glowing block bricks
★ Drag the block to fill the block grid with it’s one handheld easy controls
★ In level mode, you typically have to complete a certain level to unlock the next level
★ In endless mode, the game goes on until you strike the wrong block
★ Your high score in the endless mode is automatically recorded
You are all set to solve blocks now!
Unleash your skills in the evolutionary Tetris block puzzle!
-> The PLUS points of this brick puzzle game are:
+ Different Blocks and vivid designs
+ Basic guidelines to tell you how to play the game
+ Simple controls
+ Easy to Play
+ An amazing block brick game for the brain
+ Soothing built-in audio effects
+ One of the best and free Robo block arena game
+ Countless hours of fun puzzle
+ Eliminates boredom
+ Tons of stages and plenty of glowing blocks
So leverage yourself to play this FREE Tetris-like block puzzle game! DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Robo Block Puzzle Switch: Shape Fit Classic Tetris

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