Ultimate Solar Smash

About Ultimate Solar Smash
Let’s go to the space and smash the planet. If you are exhausted from stuffed life, try this Solar Smash game based on realistic theme.
Solar Smash
Solar Smash is unique realistic game in which you can use loose your anxiety and anger by destroying the whole planet by unique weapons. Solar Smash is a unique solar game with High Quality engaging Graphics and themes. It is one of the most adventurous and joyous game based on realistic theme of destroying earth and other planets. Playing Solar Smash is a fun way to lose your anxiety and depression. This game tests the player’s problem-solving skills that indulge sequence solving, pattern recognition and logic. This is specially designed for mood changing, making you optimistic, it is best at time killing and making you more competitive and joyous. Analyze yourself and your skills and qualities by playing tricks, while having fun. Broaden your mind and increase your level of skills by applying exact moves and matching symmetric bubbles.
Solar Smash is also a venturous challenging game, this game will challenge your intelligence at every level and make you to forget about your tensions by destroying the world. Here, you will face multiple game changing patterns that will obviously need your due concentration. Aren’t you desperate and curious to destroy the planets? If you are ready then you are warmly welcome to have fun with this amazing and master piece and scientific concept of destroying Solar system!
How to Play:
• Just use your finger tips to play.
• You have to destroy the planets
• Use different weapons to destroy it
• Shoot on that place where it will have more effect.
• You must have patience to complete the level.
• Use mixed weapons to destroy quickly
• Be sharp and observing
• Try to unlock more achievements
• Use boosters to complete
• Bring sun closer to the circulating planets
• Play with positivity in mind
• Don’t loose too early
• You will have rockets and boosters to blast the planet.
• Avoid the obstacles as much as you can.
• Challenges increases with increasing Levels!!
Unique Features of Solar Smash
• Very Attractive, Fascinating & Easy Interface you won’t get Exhausted!
• High-Quality Attractive Graphics you will enjoy it.
• A Realistic and Attracting appearance
• Numerous types of weapons.
• Scientific Concept of revolving planets
• Hundreds of challenging levels.
• Lots of achievements and rewards
• Eagerness increases with increasing difficulty level
• The most realistic cantrol to face challenges.
• Use tricks and collect Bonuses and Stars to Upgrade your level
• UI Design- Icons, Pop-Ups, and Buttons
• Awesome Animations
• Smooth Game Controls
Haven’t Download it Yet?
Come on! Hit the download button and try this realistic conceptual game. You will visit space without ticket. It’s amazing and Fun! Whether you are trying to kill the free time, release frustration, want to be relaxed, or trying to test or polish your wonderful skills, Solar Smash is made for you. Enjoy the coolness and awesomeness of this unique concept.
Join this Adventure and release your anxiety!
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Ultimate Solar Smash 2021

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